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Eliminates almost all of the initial
configuration chores and
dramatically enhances the Autodesk
Fabrication Solutions package.


Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep™ and Autodesk® Fabrication ESTmep™ are powerful MEP fabrication solutions that demand a significant time and effort investment to unleash their full potential. It can require weeks, or even months, to properly configure these products.

It is time to get up and running faster than ever. The Applied Software Fabrication Value Pack eliminates almost all of the initial configuration chores and dramatically enhances Autodesk's Fabrication Solutions. 

Imperial (USA Standard) Configuration Pack

      Autodesk Fabrication customers in the USA can now benefit from hundreds of preconfigured settings, drawing templates, service definitions, code specifications, workflow palettes, and more than twenty essential reports. The Imperial Configuration Pack also substantially reduces design time while providing more complete, accurate, and professional deliverables. Ready to improve your experience with Autodesk's Fabrication Solutions?  

    Pipe Rack Calculator

         The Pipe Rack Calculator simplifies and optimizes hanger design. This handy reference application works within CADmep to quickly and easily allow piping and plumbing designers to correctly space pipes on hangers and racks with standard clearances. It calculates the center to center dimensions of pipes on a trapeze hanger, taking into account the piping material and thickness of insulation. 



          FABSsync is the key to the distribution of the Fabrication database. There are a few key benefits of using FABsync. 
        Protect - FABsync protects the integrity of your database by separating the end users from having direct access to the companies' master database. 
        Improve - By storing the information on the local machine, data flow is not restricted by server or cloud connection speeds, improving software performance and reducing down time if the server or cloud connection is lost. 
        - Do you have a need to work outside of the office? FABsync makes this easy, just select "Update Working Database" and within seconds you can unplug and work remotely knowing your database has all the current updates needed for you to work. 

        Customer Success Stories

        “I am on my second day of training although I have been a detailer in other software for 12 years. It took me a while to find someone that actually has classes for this software. We purchased the 8 half days LiveLab learning and their Value Pack that I am already finding absolutely invaluable. They have set up the specs for SMACNA with supports and stiffeners, wall and floor penetrations, HETO's, VD's and a tool palette with reports spooling and much more! They also have set up chilled water, condenser, domestic, DWV, gas, heating water, mechanical drains, medical gas, process gas, process vacuum, steam and storm drain specs. The templates that they offer already have the text and dimension styles set up working perfectly with the database they supply. Just thought I would put this in here to maybe help others that are looking to get training for this awesome software. I am not an employee of either Autodesk or Applied software, just a singular detailer for a duct company. Good luck!” --- Denise Mantell
        "I wanted to thank you for referring the Value Pack to us, it’s exactly what we needed. This has been a nice kick start for us, saving us hundreds of hours in content building, report building, and fab template building. There are features of the ValuePack, such as the pipe cut list optimization that can return the investment in one use." - Adam Cortis