AutoCAD Mechanical

Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is Autodesk® AutoCAD® software for manufacturing, purpose-built to accelerate the mechanical design process. It includes all the functionality of AutoCAD, a world leader in CAD software, plus a comprehensive set of tools for automating mechanical engineering tasks, such as generating machine components, dimensioning, and creating bills of material. AutoCAD Mechanical provides a library of more than 700,000 standard parts, supports multiple international design standards, and enables users to detail and document digital prototypes created in Autodesk® Inventor® software. AutoCAD Mechanical offers engineers a competitive edge by helping them save hours of effort, so they can spend time innovating rather than drafting.

AutoCAD Mechanical Features

Mechanical design productivity

Content manager Standard Parts live update
Get integrated live updates to your Standard Parts library as revisions and new standards become available through content manager.

Document 3D CAD models
Easily detail and document native Inventor part and assembly models.

Custom content library
Create and save standard or custom parts and features for easy access and reuse.

700,000 standard parts and features
Rely on a comprehensive set of standards-based components to produce accurate mechanical drawings and get more consistent results on the shop floor.

Mechanical drafting standards update (enhanced)
Enhancements to the ISO 1302-2002 surface texture symbols support surface indication leaders.

Reusable mechanical drawing detailing tools
Save time—use a specific tool for almost every aspect of the mechanical CAD drafting process.

Layer management
The layer management system automatically places items on the correct layer-with correct color and linetype-as you create your mechanical drawing.

Hidden lines
Update geometry automatically when changes occur and virtually eliminate time-consuming manual redrawing.

Machinery generators and calculators
Get comprehensive tools to more efficiently build mechanisms from paper catalogs and manual calculations.

Custom part publishing support
All part publishing features that apply to standard parts are available for custom parts.

Extended draw toolbar for manufacturing
AutoCAD Mechanical provides additional mechanical drawing and drafting options beyond what’s available in AutoCAD.

Infer constraint integration
Geometrically and dimensionally constrain rectangles, symmetrical lines, and centerlines in mechanical drawings.

Mechanical engineering documentation

Autodesk Synergy for mechanical engineering
Create associative section and detail views of 3D models created in AutoCAD, Inventor software, and other competitive products.

Smart mechanical engineering dimensions
Create dimensions using abbreviated dialog boxes that conveniently control and expand only the relevant variables for manufacturing.

Support for international drafting standards
Increase productivity with tools that help you and your team deliver consistent, standards-based design documentation.

Associative balloons and bills of materials (enhanced)
Create automated and associative part lists and BOMs specifically developed for manufacturing and that automatically update as the design changes.

Dimension in-place editor
Select multiple dimensions at once; see a real-time preview when modifications are made.

BOM migration
AutoCAD Mechanical software supports multiple templates. BOM setup is easier with automatic mapping of BOM properties and automatic creation of migration templates.

JIS and DIN content libraries
Get extensive content libraries for Japan (JIS) and Germany (DIN).

Autodesk Content Explorer
Quickly find your design content based on file objects or text attributes.

Mechanical drafting annotation monitor
Check for disassociated annotations in the model space, as well as in each paper space layout.