MWF Pro Series software is a template-based and rule-driven extension to Autodesk® Revit® for wood and cold-formed steel framing. It allows users to automate the modeling, clash detection and manufacturing of framing including shop drawings, cut lists, BOM, optional CNC output and more. The MWF Pro Series is comprised of the modules MWF Pro Wall, MWF Pro Floor & MWF Pro Truss, which are also available individually.
MWF Pro Wall’s user-defined rule-and template-based software makes it easier than ever before to automate the creation of wall panels. Use MWF to automate stud placement, custom framing around openings, kickers, connectors, sheathing layouts and more in your Revit® projects walls. Create and assign templates to wall types for quick and easy framing & RFI management. Manage clash detection in your walls with automatic resolution of clashes within Revit models using CAD and IFC links. Automatically take your model into manufacturing with accurate member dimensioning, material take offs and shop drawings created quickly, effectively and to your companies exacting specifications. Take advantage of dozens of specialized tools developed in conjunction with industry experts to expedite and streamline your Revit® and BIM workflow, minimizing effort and maximizing your profitability.
MWF Pro Floor automatically detects Revit® floors, elements and openings, empowering users to frame floors, ceilings, rafters and flat roofs with user-defined rules and templates. User-defined rules also enable automated clash detection and resolution. Pre-loaded with real life joists and materials from your preferred component supplier, easily populate your model and create material schedules real time. Use MWF Pro Floor to perform automatic cutbacks, produce shop drawings and cut lists and manage joist arrangement and panelizing, allowing you to manufacture directly from your model.
MWF Pro Truss reads Revit® roof elements and creates a customized truss layout based on user templates in wood or steel. Select your truss type, input reference points, and let MWF Pro Truss place your trusses. MWF Pro Truss will do in minutes what might have taken hours or days with Revit alone. You can now export your truss information to .DXF to be analysed by your preferred analysis software or straight to you suppliers truss design software. As with each of the MWF Pro Modules, detailed and dimensioned shop drawings are just a click away.
MWF HomeBuilder Suite for Autodesk Revit automates wood framing of walls, floors, ceilings and trusses without ever having to duplicate or recreate your model. The software creates furring, chase walls, steel hangers, connectors, bracing, nogging, blocking, straps and will automate wall joins based on rule sets. MWF HomeBuilder suite reads Revit roof elements and creates customized truss layouts based on user templates as well as allowing you to frame canted roofs and rafter systems.
MWF Advanced is a powerful tool for engineers, analyzing loads and reactions within your Revit® model and checking it against local codes, automatically sizing and propagating optimized member selection across the model. It takes MWF Pro Floor a step further by adding engineering capability. The program manages the load definition and distribution as well as overall floor system analysis in order to establish individual member loads, supports and end conditions. The design process is further streamlined by grouping members that have identical loading, length, and deflection criteria, as well as end conditions. Each member group is designed by industry-recognized design engines.
We have three MWF extensions:
MWF CNC Modules
Turn Revit into a powerful manufacturing tool. Export your wall, floor and truss information directly into a format readable by your company’s light gauge roll former or automated wood saw. Many operations are supported, including multiple knock-outs, notching, bird’s mouth cuts, hole cuts, rafter tails and member labels. MWF CNC modules now support: AMS Controls, Beck Automation, Howick, Hundegger, Knudson, Studmesiter, Pinnacle and Weinmann. We also support standard BTL format and WUP format for large panel building machines. If your roll former, automated saw or panelizing machine is not listed, feel free to contact us regarding custom outputs.
MWF Clasher
Save time and money with advanced clash detection. MWF Clasher allows users to simultaneously detect multiple clashes with MEP, “no fly zones” and structural members with critical framing members. MWF Clasher identifies all hard and soft clashes within your project and generates a graphical report, giving the user ultimate control in the coordination process. MWF Clasher is the ideal product for drywallers, builders, contractors, engineers, fabricators and BIM service providers.
MWF Linear Optimizer
Reduce waste with optimal material cut sequencing. This add-on reduces material waste and saves money by calculating the optimal material cut sequence within your project to make the most of your light gauge steel or wood studs.