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The ability to connect engineering data and keep teams on the same page securely and reliably is as important as ever in the design world. Vault continues to focus on helping Autodesk customers manage their data effectively and efficiently. The 2018 release marks the next step forward with improved engineering efficiency with PDF publishing and copy design improvements, an enhanced design experience for CAD users, and improved task delegation with new admin roles. The new capabilities deliver on many of the top requests from Vault customers and help enable better productivity and efficiency. 

Undock Vault Browser and Properties Search 

Designers using the Autodesk Inventor add-in may now detach, float, and reattach the Vault browser into new screen positions to optimize their application menu layout. Separate Inventor and Vault browsers enable designers to view both component trees simultaneously within the same Inventor design session. 


AnyCAD Inventor Support 

AnyCAD has been expanded to allow customers to leverage Inventor 2018 files in their Inventor 2017 designs. This means user can now work with others who are on versions of Inventor that are earlier or later than the version you are working in. Vault 2018 as well as Vault 2017 Update 1 does support such capability by allowing customers using place from Vault to insert an Inventor 2018 part or assembly files in an Inventor 2017 assembly file and supporting all data management tasks like Check In/ Check Out, uses and where used as well as extracting BOM data and using this in Vault Item management. 

Go to Vault Folder 

Users express the need to be able to easily execute advanced Vault workflows like Assign Item, add to an engineering change order and others for the components they are currently working on within the Inventor design session w/o a need to go to Vault Client and search for such component. Using the new ‘Go to Vault Folder’ command inside the Vault browser helps designers locate the selected component or assembly in new Vault Client session inside its stored Vault project location. From there users can complete advanced workflows e.g. the Assign Item/ Update or adding the file to a new or existing engineering change order. 

Insert into CAD 

Opposite of ‘Go to Vault Folder’, Vault 2018 delivers the ‘Insert into CAD’ command within Vault Explorer. After selecting an Inventor part or assembly, this function automatically locates and downloads the Vault source file and places it into the active Inventor design session. Requiring only a few clicks, this new feature greatly simplifies the creation of large assemblies and complex design contexts. 

Large Assemblies and Drawings 

Inventor users often work on complex assemblies involving tens of thousands of parts. In these situations, they can use Express Mode to speed up model load times and can defer drawing updates so they spend less time waiting. Just as Inventor 2018 makes it easier to call these options in assemblies and drawings, Vault also provides the same options to help users get work done faster. The file dialog for assemblies now includes Express Mode and the file dialog for drawings now includes a defer option. 

Roles and permissions 

New administrator roles keep collaboration secure across multi-site and allow global administrator to delegate tasks to local administrators or key user within the engineering departments like security without assigning them to full administrative privileges. 

The new Project Administrator role authorizes individuals the rights to remove reservations, and unconditional delete select objects. 

The new Security Administrator role grants responsibility of security settings for all object types including files, folders, items and custom objects. 

The new Configuration Administrator role grants individuals the means to manage the Vault configuration settings of Files, Visualizations, Behaviors (properties, lifecycles, etc.), Items, and Change Orders. 



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Toll Free: 800.899.2784


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