Integrated Project Delivery – The next generation of construction optimization

Integrated project delivery (IPD) is emerging as the way to organize project teams to achieve optimized construction especially when the industry is searching for ways to eliminate waste, cut costs, improve productivity, and create positive results. This approach to project delivery integrates all team members including the owner, architect, construction manager, engineers, and subcontractors to form a collaborative effort.
Applied Software has the experience assisting clients in structuring their IPD team, defining roles and responsibilities, coordinating review meetings, developing templates and standards and advising on industry best practices.

Building Information Modeling-The platform for IPD

Building Information  Modeling (BIM) plays a critical role in enhancing communication and collaboration between the construction parties because every aspect of the building from architectural design, mechanical systems and structural elements can be incorporated into a single three dimensional model which enhances visualization, minimizes clashes and improves decision making before field work begins

Integrated project delivery is supported with the use of relational contracts, or one agreement that is signed by the owner, architect, and contractor. The integrated project team shares decision making, pools contingencies, and provides incentives for team performance. These types of contracts or agreements create enable all team members to share risks and rewards based on reaching targets.