Applied Software Construction Video Library

BIM 360 Field – Library

Take a look at BIM 360 Field’s Library Functionality, a great place to store your most up-to-date plans, specifications, and other important documentation used in the field at the point of construction.

BIM 360 Field – Equipment

Take a look at the Equipment functionality in BIM 360 Field, a tool for us to manage and track major building components. While Equipment is the most versatile aspect in the system, this function is most commonly used to track the installation, commissioning, and handover of major MEP components. Equipment is also the direct link between BIM 360 Field and our Building Information Model.

BIM 360 Field – Reports

Take a look at the Reports browser in BIM 360 Field, a tool used to extract the data from the system. Users can report out on the wealth of information in the database, at the level of detail needed, anytime, anywhere. Users can also automate the generation and distribution of reports based on defined parameters, streamlining the notification process within and between project teams.


BIM 360 Field – Issues


Take a look at the Issues functionality in BIM 360 Field, a tool that allows users to capture conforming and noncoforming items from the field, distribute them to necessary stakeholders, and ultimately track them through completion.

BIM 360 Field – Checklists


Take a look at the Checklists functionality in BIM 360 Field, a tool that enables teams to put more structure to existing Quality, Safety and Commissioning programs. We can now take these points of inspection, documentation, and verification with us into the field, identifying both conforming items and those that need follow up and corrective action.

Equipment Tracking – Advanced Workflow in BIM 360

Watch this informative video to learn about Equipment Workflows in BIM 360 including: design, coordination, and visualization in BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue.

Live Demo of 360Sync

Watch this informative demonstration on Applied Software’s 360 Sync. This powerful tool integrates with BIM 360 products to make document management an effortless process.