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“I was very happy with the Revit Fabrication training with David Ronson. We really covered a lot; hopefully I will remember most of it. I really appreciated David’s tenaciousness when it came to solving issues I was having with my database. I’m looking forward to continue to work with him on the Revit solution.” – Brian J. Welch, BIM Manager at C.J. Erickson Plumbing Co. 


“This Course was excellent! Jason Miles was an outstanding instructor and was able to customize our training experience to best suit our needs. As a result, we will be able to immediately improve the quality and efficiency of our engineering design work. I would absolutely recommend this course for our future engineers/designers.” – Training Attendee

“Excellent support session. Garrett Tice popped the cork on a bottle of ‘whoop’ support drink on this one. If there were a super-duper satisfied option, I would’ve selected it.” – Training Attendee.


“Garrett, without your knowledge, I am confident in saying that we would not be able to have the table setup we do today… You and Applied always have the answers… [and] put in the extra effort to make sure we are up and running before getting offline. For that I will always remain faithful and dependent upon your support as you have towards our business interests.” – John Hohman, BIM Manager.

I am familiar with ASTI’s knowledge of the fabrication database, and I can say that is phenomenal. Scott Hendricks is the most valuable knowledge base that I have ran into regarding that topic and his ability to speak, train, and improve the knowledge of others is great. Mike Yohnka, BIM Manager, FE Moran.


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