Applied software is the LEADING MEP Fabrication provider in the nation. 

Applied Software specializes in MEP Fabrication products and services that support the entire project lifecycle —from design and detailing to fabrication and installation. Our design-focused solutions extend the benefits of a BIM workflow for the MEP engineering, contractor, and construction markets to help reduce inefficiencies, lower costs, and improve collaboration. With in-depth knowledge and real-world experience, our dedicated Fabrication team helps companies harness the power of design technology to increase productivity and gain competitive edge.

The MEP detailing and fabrication space is a critical element of the overall building construction workflow. Ultimately, fabrication is the enabler that takes the design-intent model and turns it into real MEP components that get installed during the construction phase. Now more than ever, MEP contractors and engineers are facing increasing demand from their clients to support a BIM workflow.

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Come talk and hangout with the FAB experts on Thursday, July 20th to learn some tips, industry trends and more productive ways to finish your projects ahead of schedule, below budget and with fewer errors.  The July Spotlight: What's New in Fabrication 2018!