Frequently Asked Questions

A. Getting the Software
The contract manager will be receiving an e-mail from Autodesk with a link to download the software.In most cases you will not receive any tangible property as a result of this transaction (e.g. disks, updates in tangible form, training manuals, etc.).  If, at a later date, you elect to receive a tangible copy of software purchased (e.g. disks, CDs, etc.), you may be liable to pay applicable sales/use taxes.
A. Yes, if you need the software sooner, you can download a trial version and use for it for 30 days.  For continued use you will need to activate this software.
(To install the software in trial mode use a Serial Number containing all zero’s as shown here 000-00000000.)Autodesk Subscription Download Now Method
Since you are on Subscription, the software is available for download from the Autodesk Subscription Center (Instructions).   Your Contract Manager will need to log on with their ID and Password.  If you need your ID and password, you can request it from this site as well.

(this is an example for AutoCAD – your screen will vary depending on the product you purchased)

(Some of Autodesk’s links do not open in all Internet Browsers.  Internet Explorer seems to work the best.)

Another way to download the software is using the Autodesk Virtual Agent.
How to download your software using the Virtual Agent
To download the Autodesk software follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Ask Virtual Agent (Blue Ask Box at the bottom of this page).
    1. Choose Download Links.
    2. Choose the product family you need.
    3. Choose the individual product you need.
    4. Choose your version and Operating System.

The following link has further instructions on how to install the Autodesk software.

A. When installing any Autodesk software remember the following things:


  • You must close out of all non-essentials programs especially any Microsoft Office products. In other words no other programs should be running during the installation of the Autodesk products, if so they can cause a conflict and result in a failed installation.
  • You must temporarily disable any anti-virus or similar file scanning software for the duration of the installation.
  • You must be logged in as a user with local administrative privileges while performing the install.


A. Here are instructions on a Clean Install Procedure:
Instructions on how to completely remove all Autodesk products from a computer.
A. Here are helpful activation instructions:

Please enter the serial number and product code into the software and it will automatically activate itself.  The serial number and product code can be found either in the Autodesk e-mail or at the Autodesk Subscription Center.

You can find general information about Autodesk licensing as well as answers to the most common registration and activation questions on Autodesk website or by visiting the Installation and Licensing Forum.

Please provide the following information to  Include any screen shots as JPEG attachments where applicable.

–        Company Name

–        Contact Name

–        Contact Telephone Number

–        Contact email (if different)

–        Autodesk product name, version, and service pack (if applicable).

–        Serial Number for the above product. This can be found within the product by going to Help à About à Product Information.

–        Operating System (include whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit).

–        Brief description of the problem including the steps to re-create it, if applicable.

–        Any data sets or files associated with the problem.

 A. Autodesk Subscription Home Use FAQ

For Standalone licenses, you can install your software on your home computer using your existing serial number; you do not need to submit a Home Use License Application form.
 A. If you do not know your ID and password, you may contact Autodesk via Virtual Agent for activation support.
 A.  Contact your rep at and your item will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Another helpful way to communicate with Autodesk is to CHAT.

Go to this webpage: Contact Us, fill in forms until “I Still Need Help” Button appears, then click this button.  You will be given option to CHAT or Submit Support Request.
Please contact our helpdesk (800-969.6753 or for more technical assistance.
 A. These are helpful sites for finding System Requirements. Q. Where can I find information about Recommended Hardware for Autodesk Software?

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 A. Please click on the link below and at the drop down arrow choose “Report of all my Licenses” and follow the instructions.