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The eVolve workflow is designed to improve the deliverables from your model. As a subcontractor how many hours are spent modeling a project only to not utilize the efforts for prefab? You model the components, fight for your space and then need to communicate your design to be installed at the field level. This requires drawings that are efficient to make and communicate the routings effectively. How many out there model and just do field sets? You make plan views and elevations, and then the field does their own thing and sends there changes back, or you have to go and survey those changes. This proves to be an ineffective effort and you wind up with a BIM paperweight and infinite rework. 

The best approach is to Model in a timely manner, then order your material from the model. After that then you run your spool drawing out of the model and detail them. What if those same drawings for Prefab were the same thing you used as your field layout? Would that not be the best? With eVolve you can perform these tasks just like that. Model with LOD 350+ content. Next send the Bill of Materials to a customizable excel form and order your materials. Run the View and sheet creator to run your batches of prefab breakouts in a matter of seconds

This would normally take a group several days or longer given the size of the project. These are isometrics views that show portions that you would send through prefab. You then are able to dimension and tag your conduit and other sets in Iso-views in a few minutes a sheet. You can also apply tags that gather their dimension data from a fixed layout point.  This means that you can communicate where this prefab assembly goes in the same sheet view. 





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