A Beginner’s 7 Benefits of BIM 360 Design


March 6, 2019 | All, BIM 360

Howard hates technology. He’s been working in the architectural and construction industry for 25 years, and he’s not about to let some fresh-faced engineer talk him into dumping a massive amount of money into yet another software package that’s going to be obsolete before he can even install and register it. Not to mention the time it would take for his team to get up to speed on it. But Howard has been sweating it out for months as his team fixes drawings, faxes change orders, trying to get everyone on the same page so Howard can maybe deliver this project only a month late, costing his company lots of late penalty fees. It has been a long time since Howard didn’t hate this job.

Howard doesn’t have to endure this self-imposed misery. He could be working on a construction project right now where the people, information and workflows of his project are connected. All the disciplines on his team could be making informed decisions about changes to drawings before problems happen. Welcome to the world of BIM 360 Design.

BIM 360 Design improves construction project delivery at all steps of the project’s lifecycle . . . design collaboration, documentation and the review process, pre-construction, construction, quality, safety and post-construction operations. Consider the seven benefits of using BIM 360 Design on an information-modeled building project:

  1. Reduce project errors and minimize confusion when determining what is the latest set of project files.
  2. Be able to finish projects faster by meeting or exceeding project delivery dates.
  3. Work from anywhere, boosting productivity and insuring that the team is working on real-time and coordinated information.
  4. Spend less on IT. Reduce the need to rely on IT to connect and maintain project access to team members. In addition, you’ll have access to an unlimited amount of data storage for no additional fees.
  5. Reduce costs by co-locating project teams virtually. Enable project teams to work together from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  6. Spend less time coordinating and more time designing. Provide real time access to the latest version of project files.
  7. Provide a centralized location for distributing questions on any project file. Easily create and share mark ups with individuals, teams or entire offices. Make tracking of issues and questions a one-stop-shop within the BIM 360 Design interface or IOS or Android App.

To learn more, follow this link to watch an on-demand webinar on BIM 360 Design. As BIM 360 Design allows multi-discipline teams to connect and collaborate, the face of construction project delivery is changed dramatically. Efficient collaboration has been shown to drastically reduce errors, rework and cost overruns at all stages of the project. Once you understand how BIM 360 Design can save your firm time and effort (and profit), you’ll never again look at a building project Howard’s “same old” way. Contact Applied Software for a BIM 360 Design demo today.

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