360 Sync Minimum Requirements

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At Applied Software, we often get asked, “What are the minimum requirements for setting up 360 Sync?” In this blog we will discuss the minimum requirements and make suggestions for 360 Sync setup best practices.

Computer Requirements

Processor: Minimum 1.4 GHz 64-bit Processor.

RAM: Minimum 1 GB.

Disk Space: Minimum: 4.5GB for .Net installation + enough storage for the files you intend to synchronize.

Things You’ll Need to Install:

You will want to have a computer with Windows Server 2012 or later. You don’t need to install 360 Sync on a server. You can install it on any computer, as long as the version of Windows is more recent than 2012. You will also need to install .NET Framework v 4.7, as well as a C++ redistributable. You can download them using the following links:

Obviously, you’ll also have to install 360 Sync. You can always get the most recent version of 360 Sync by following this link: http://www.asti.com/support/download. Make sure that you have your Enterprise License code or Trial License code available – that is emailed to you upon purchase or upon trial request.

Other Considerations

  • For BIM 360 –
  • User will need Project Admin permissions.
  • The 360 Sync app will need to be activated on the account.
  • For Procore –
  • User will need to have at least Standard Access.
  • The company needs to allow Implicit OAuth Connections in Procore Admin.
  • User will need admin / read/write/edit permissions for folders and files on the computer/server or virtual machine that 360 Sync is installed on.
  • User will need admin or read/write/edit/run permissions for Scheduled Tasks with the Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Computer will need Egnyte / Box / Dropbox / Google Drive / ShareFile desktop client installed on machine.

Internet Explorer Internet Options:

  • Make sure Popup Blocker is unchecked in “Privacy” tab in Internet Options in Internet Explorer.
  • Make sure TLS 1.2 is checked in “Advanced” tab in Internet Options in Internet Explorer.

If you’re not using 360 Sync yet, contact Applied Software today to talk to an expert about 360 Sync and sign up for a demo. You’ll see how using 360 Sync can help you save time and better manage your data between your server and point solutions. Demo and setup are quick and straightforward: 30 minutes or less to implement 360 Sync within your company.

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