360 Sync Update: Docs, Team, Vault & SharePoint Integration


We’ve been pretty busy with 360 Sync over the past few months: in addition to giving your team the ability to sync your server or computer to your BIM 360 Field Library, you can now also connect to BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Team, BIM 360 Glue, Autodesk Vault, and Microsoft SharePoint.

360 Sync with BIM 360 Docs

With the recent BIM 360 Forge API Update, we are pleased to announce fully-functional syncing capabilities with BIM 360 Docs. You can now sync to or from BIM 360 Docs. We anticipate people using this functionality to further improve their BIM 360 Docs workflows, or as an avenue to migrate your BIM 360 Field, Glue or Team projects to BIM 360 Docs.



360 Sync with BIM 360 Team

We have also created an integration for BIM 360 Team, so now you can quickly & automatically update your files & folders. You can also sync & connect all BIM 360 projects and even migrate a project on one BIM 360 platform with another. Our BIM 360 Team integration has opened up the possibility of syncing Collaboration for Revit (C4R) projects & improving workflows for Architectural & Design clients.



360 Sync with Autodesk Vault


We created 360 Sync with Vault in order to further improve the workflows for our Architectural & Design clients who use Autodesk Vault. We rolled the Vault functionality a few weeks ago, and were happy to see that 360 Sync with Vault has been especially popular with some clients & partners in Europe.




360 Sync with SharePoint

In addition to our ability to sync files with Autodesk products, we’ve also created sync functionality with Microsoft SharePoint. 360 Sync with SharePoint was an important addition because it was our first out-of-the-box integration with a non-Autodesk file management system that didn’t already natively integrate with Microsoft Windows or Windows server via desktop client.



What else is new: In addition to our new integrations, you’ll also notice that our user interface has changed, and we’ve also made it simpler to integrate between one data source and another. Originally, in order to transfer data (for example) from Field to Docs, you would have to go Field > Windows; Windows > Docs, but now you can go directly from one source to another. As always, you can create multiple configurations to as many folders, projects, or hubs as you want.

And don’t forget: 360 Sync also automatically works with Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google Docs, or any other file management system that has a Windows desktop client.

What’s next for 360 Sync? First and foremost, we are looking for clients & partners to team up with to create non-Autodesk Field Management integration. So are you looking for a ProCore / Windows integration, or a FieldLens to Egnyte integration? We’d love to work with you to make that a reality.

We are also actively working on Windows-to-Windows Sync, Glue Bi-Directional Integration (Glue functionality is currently limited as push to Glue only), and looking even further on the horizon, we hope to eventually be able to migrate BIM 360 projects (files and data).

If you want to discuss a potential integration, or just check out 360 Sync for yourself, shoot me an email at mreuter@asti.com, and we will setup a quick 30-minute demo to show it off.

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