360 Sync Version 3.0

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Easy to set up and run, 360 Sync allows Revit users to automatically update and sync BIM 360 libraries with a computer or server, and automatic emails provide notification when the process is complete. File libraries can be migrated from BIM 360 Docs to Field, saving time and eliminating the need to enter data twice.

Version 3.0 is a major upgrade to 360 Sync. Included with this new version are the following enhancements:

1. Updated user interface.

A major facelift for 360 Sync will take place later in the year, but the groundwork is being set up for that with the version 3.0 update. Users will notice a simpler, cleaner 360 Sync interface with fewer pop-ups and fewer clicks to set up a sync.

2. Simplified codebase.

A ton of work has been done on 360 Sync concurrently, and the development team has finally been able to sit down and merge the codebases. This will enable quicker integration of new Point Solutions (more on that later). It also makes 360 Sync easier to use and allows the dev team to be more agile during support cases.

3. Including redistributables with installer.

Updates are being worked on for certain redistributable files (for example .NET Framework 4.7.2) with the installer package. This allows customers to first download and install files 360 Sync requires prior to use. It will no longer be necessary to search the internet far and wide for updates.

4. Bluebeam + Viewpoint integrations (beta).

Bluebeam and Viewpoint will be included with version 3.0 to certain beta-testing clients. Be on the lookout for this, and if you’re interested in beta testing either one of these point solutions, let the dev team know.

5. Asite/Adoddle integration.

Although this won’t be part of the version 3.0 rollout, there will soon be an integration with Asite and Adoddle. If you’re not yet aware of Asite, it’s a popular construction point solution in Europe. If your company uses Asite, you’ll soon be able to connect to it. Other integrations coming soon are BIM 360 Team and Buzzsaw.

6. Log file improvements.

Further improvements will be made to the log files in upcoming versions. Some of this may include toggling between selecting the log output from .txt or .csv; PowerBI and/or BIM 360 Insight Card integration; automatic upload to BIM 360.

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