4 Reasons Construction Managers Should Use 360 Sync


May 25, 2021 | 360 Sync, All

Today’s construction industry puts a premium on security. Tools are locked up tight. Materials are kept in a secure location on the job site. Frequently, workers wear ID badges, limiting their access to specific areas. Physical security on the job site isn’t the only thing that can give a construction manager peace of mind. Knowing that the project plans are up-to-date and backed up provides managers with insurance that a job site accident won’t compromise the timetable for the project.

A fire or a break-in on the jobsite aren’t the only ways plans can get destroyed nowadays. A computer virus or a spilled cup of coffee on a laptop are just as dangerous to project plans that aren’t backed up, and that’s a good reason to use 360 Sync.

Here are four other reasons to utilize 360 Sync on your next project:

1. Automatic back up

Either on-demand or as scheduled, 360 Sync shares your files throughout the entire project team, making sure everyone has the most recent files. And because the files are backed up offsite, the loss of a single device, under any circumstance, is not a catastrophic event to the project.

2. Archive notes and changes

Besides updating the files, 360 Sync also catalogs notes and changes to the plans, so you have a continuous, running, searchable record of who made what comment when, as well as who made or altered change orders.

3. Leverage common data environment

With a common data environment, people up and down the project pipeline refer to the most recent set of plans, including notes, changes and updates. Using 360 Sync, you don’t have to spend time transferring files or inputting data manually multiple times, thus reducing the risk of errors or omissions. Everyone is on the same version all the time.

360 Sync works with all major platforms you’ll find on the construction site, from Procore to Bluebeam to Google Docs – 17 systems and counting, with more added regularly. The service ensures that important files from the programs you use most often are secure, with a simple way to include additional files as the project progresses.

Within 30 minutes of loading 360 Sync, you’ll have a secure system to protect, preserve and archive your vital files against loss and to ensure you’re working with current information. It’s an easy, efficient and safe way to keep the records of your project for reference.

To see how easy it is to incorporate 360 Sync into your project workflow, contact Applied Software and talk to a 360 Sync expert today for a personalized demo.