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9 Steps to Finishing Your Project Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget

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A Construction Business Owner article in 2011, listed labor as 40% of the cost of construction projects. Labor to rework and correct errors in the field puts many projects over budget.

Aren’t the terms “on time” and “on budget” the things you most want to hear about your project? How about “ahead of schedule” and “under budget?” If you had the opportunity to make that happen, wouldn’t you seize it?  Follow this link for a Brief History of Collaboration.

If the need for speed in the AEC industry has one lasting legacy, it’s busted budgets due to errors that delay projects and the labor required to correct those errors. The ability to make things happen nearly instantaneously may have revolutionized the way things are built, but all the teams had better be on the same page when projects develop with such alacrity. The potential for errors and delays has likewise increased.

BIM 360 Design is leading the way to help you deliver your projects ahead of schedule and under budget:

  1. Reduce IT costs with centralized project data in the cloud. No more need to have your IT department set up shared servers and manage permissions and files.
  2. Allow multiple users to co-author project models in a central location in the cloud. Gain new insights. The diversity brought by teamwork spurs creativity. Cooperation and collaboration present the chance to combine that creativity with a larger pool of knowledge.
  3. Manage data and documents from mobile devices. Boost the BIM return on investment. There has never been a greater opportunity to stay connected to your projects and make immediate adjustments when needed.
  4. Control who sees and works on which project drawings. Streamline project workflows and your communications with consultants.
  5. Visualize model progress, and accelerate project delivery. There’s no need to wait days for updated drawings from other teams. Every phase of the project is driven in real-time. Even a new initiative by the owner can be simulated and accommodated efficiently.
  6. Enable tracking of a project’s timeline by all teams and members. Keep teams on time. With BIM 360 Design, everyone is on the same page, literally, regarding the schedule. Connect project teams so building projects can be delivered on time (even ahead of schedule) and on budget (or under budget).
  7. Extend access to non-Revit collaborators. Keep everyone in the loop.
  8. Standardize collaboration by getting everyone who is involved in the project the same information at the same time. Team members never have to “assume” anything about project drawings and models.
  9. Connect your desktop to your project(s) stored in the cloud. Realize new efficiencies.

According to Engineers Daily in 2017, one study found that design errors account for 38% of construction disputes. But when every team member is connected and cooperating real-time on a project with BIM 360 Design, errors are caught long before they can be built.

Request a demo today and see how collaboration with BIM 360 Design can enable you to finish your next project ahead of schedule and under budget.

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