9 Ways eVolve is Driving Your Mechanical Firm’s Technology Forward


October 3, 2018 | All, eVolve, Fabrication

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As a group, mechanical contractors have been willing to embrace the evolution of construction technology from paper-based coordination to 2D model collaboration and finally to the present 3D-model driven office, shop and field production. The mechanical construction segment really has driven technologies forward. The eVolve development team has spent a great deal of time working closely with customers to build and deliver its first product, eVolve Mechanical. eVolve was built with contractors for better efficiency.

For background on eVolve, check out, “Don’t Let Kryptonite Bring Down Your MEP Superman.” 

eVolve Mechanical is a new Revit-based solution built specifically for the CADmep customer who is transitioning to Revit. eVolve Mechanical is a Revit-based technology that develops fabrication workflows from inside Revit. It provides you the platform to innovate your process, projects, company and more, with a smooth transition from AutoCAD to Revit using the same database.

The Features of eVolve Mechanical are Unmatched:
  • Introduced hangers – real-time placement of hangers with collision detection in a matter of seconds.
  • Accelerate the process of creating fabrication deliverables.
  • Just-in-Time technology – the right features when you need them.
  • Spooling – Generate spools with schedules, dimensions, annotations and automatic dimensioning.
  • Renumbering – Set up rules for each material and auto update them.
  • RTS exports for hanger points – good for sleeves, hangers, and a custom family.
  • True collaboration – All skilled detailers work together on the same file set.
  • Model linked data – Your mechanical system stays connected and automatically adjusts throughout the collaboration process.
  • User driven – Customers will drive eVolve through regular interaction and partnering on the software’s roadmap.

The end users of the MEP community are dedicated to their processes. Their interactions with the eVolve Software company will be unique because they will have input into the new solutions being built for and supplied to their market. The eVolve development team has been and will remain involved with its end users, interacting on forums and in person at trade events. Expert users are already offering feedback, and updates are being delivered. In the Revit world, eVolve development promises to respond to end users’ needs and keep up with their demands.

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