A Ton of 360 Sync Updates

A Ton of 360 Sync Updates

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The software product 360 SyncTM automatically updates BIM 360 libraries. By eliminating double data entry, it saves users time and effort and makes possible integrations between enterprise systems. 360 Sync is patent-pending technology developed by the Applied Software BIM 360 experts.

By keeping in touch with the 360 Sync user base, the 360 Sync team members are always looking to increase users’ success and improve the user experience. The development team has incorporated many updates and improvements in version 2.9.7 over the past several months. Following are just a few:

Coordinate (Glue) Folder Download

One of the recent updates added the ability to download all files located in a folder on BIM 360 Coordinate (formerly named Glue). This will allow users to easily and quickly back up their files from Coordinate to their server.

Coordinate (Glue) Security Update

In addition to the folder download with Coordinate, the security associated with BIM 360 Coordinate has also been improved. This was a specific update prompted by Autodesk.

Procore Update

There were instances where certain Procore users were unable to use 360 Sync. That bug has been fixed. Part of the problem was caused when certain users’ computers with 360 Sync installed on them were not running .NET Framework 4.7.2.xx.  So if you’re still experiencing issues with 360 Sync, it’s possible you may need to download the 4.7.2 .NET Framework using this link: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net472.

French Text Character Support for BIM 360

One French speaking customer noticed issues with uploading files containing French characters to BIM 360 via the API. The fix for this is included with the update released in mid-August. It resolves the issue by normalizing the non-English characters to match English text characters.

Log File Improvements

Based on a request by a 360 Sync user, improvements have been made to the log file system. In addition to the log file, which documents all file uploads, and the notice log, which documents all errors that may occur during a sync, a third log has been added. The third log documents important information about Windows files – for instance, who last modified the file, when it was last modified, and where it came from on the user’s computer/server.

Simplified Codebase

In addition to everything above, the codebase has been simplified. This will help 360 Sync more quickly create configurations and help the development team more quickly diagnose and resolve any problems that may come your way. The development team is excited about this improvement because it is expected to reduce by half the time it takes to resolve an open support ticket. You will see faster setup times and improved customer service on the Applied Software end.

Designed to work with Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, ShareFile, Windows, and others, 360 Sync allows successful automatic file library migrations and syncs for BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Coordinate and BIM 360 Field (now part of BIM 360 Build), as well as applications used by non-Autodesk-centric software users. 360 Sync is easy to set up and easy to use. Special characters in file names – like &, ~, #, % – will not make it freak out. Problem files will show up in an activity log. Kind of makes you wonder why it isn’t being used by everyone in the world who’s synching files.

If you’re not using 360 Sync yet, request a quick discovery call with Applied Software to learn about the time savings you’re missing out on when you sync your BIM files. 

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