Accessing Plant 3D remotely on Short Notice

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Due to current events, we have gotten several calls about accessing Plant 3d remotely so that companies can develop a proper plan of action. Here’s our recommendation for Plant 3d users.

Remote Desktop – I choose remote desktop (RDP) as the preferred method because of it’s ease of use and low cost for setup. Your company can purchase (if needed) laptops for the employees who do not have one, add it to the corporate domain, and allow remote access in to the user’s normal workstation. Because the network, files, and program are all kept local to the user’s workstation, performance is not an issue. Laptops can be dropped of and do not have to be high performance, since they are only a window to the actual machine doing the hard work.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) – VDI is an option as well but it is a longer term investment. VDI is still fairly complex to integrate for CAD applications. The bonus side is that you do have more flexibility, but at a higher cost of IT personnel (in know-how), and day-to-day maintenance costs.

Vault or BIM 360 – For Plant 3d both Vault and BIM 360 will force a company to change how their Plant 3d projects are supported with things like catalog locations, file handling, and user training. They can be a great long term play for certain projects, but if there is an immediate need (perhaps due to a virus), they would not be the best option.

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