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With innovative design approaches such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), sustainability, and lean construction, the AEC industries are undergoing rapid and fundamental shifts in how buildings are designed and constructed. Applied Software™ is at the forefront of providing comprehensive software and services to meet this shift in internal business processes and business partner collaboration.

Our seasoned, industry-experts of registered architects, professional engineers and designers understand the nuances of project design and delivery incorporating these new techniques and are able to provide standard training, custom mentoring, project assistance and strategic advisory consulting to ensure that you are getting maximum benefit from not only your software but also your extended business partner team.

Implementation Consulting

Applied Software is equiped to consult you on how to execute the correct BIM Implementation to help handle your specific project needs!

Coordination Review

Small, large, simple or complex, all projects require coordination of plethora disciplines involved in the design, fabrication and construction of buildings.  Applies Software is able to consult with you to develop and enhance your coordination review workflow, optimizing the use of design technology you already have access to or show you the advantages of other solutions.


Every project begins with a concept and a program of space requirements. All are important to the development of the conceptual design and ultimately the success of a project. Programming often uses a spreadsheet to itemize and group spaces.

BIM Peer Review

Even experienced users of Revit can develop bad habits, and failures to follow “best practices” can lead to bloated models, performance issues and inaccuracies and errors.

SMART Implementation

Implementing new-technologies should never be taken lightly. Applied Software can ensure your implementation gets off on the right foot, and that it is positioned to evolve as technologies and processes evolve.

Collaboration Management

Collaboration has more and more become critical for any BIM implementation. With multiple stakeholders involved, having the ability to contribute real-time and have confidence in a single source of truth is invaluable. Applied Software can help you identify and develop the best collaboration technologies and workflows that are most suited for you and your projects.


Applied Software offers a variety of different training opportunities that our clients may choose from. Our staff of trained professionals will enable you with the tools to truly build anything!

Project Management

The management of a project is a large responsibility involving many stakeholders. Applied Software has experience with advancing a firm’s ability to manage BIM on a project or providing BIM management on projects.

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