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Applied Software™ is your trusted adviser in any technology systems integration project that you undertake. With industry experts in virtually every field related to Building and Infrastructure Design, Construction and Fabrication, Manufacturing and Plant Design, we are uniquely positioned to bring a wide range of expertise to your project needs. We regularly work with leading industry solutions and will search out additional solutions where required.

Our seasoned professionals will work with you to develop innovative, durable solutions for complex problems, regardless of the discipline or industry.

Workflow Analysis

A thorough understanding of your project workflow can reveal bottlenecks and potential risks of errors and omissions. By identifying these hidden problem spots, we can assist you in refining your process, reducing errors and increasing productivity. We can lead your staff through a workflow documentation session that is sure to prove enlightening, and will provide insight for improvements to existing processes.

BIM Management

Many organizations are a size that does not justify a dedicated BIM Manager, and as a result, must rely on one or more of their billable staff to perform BIM Management tasks. This frequently results in incomplete and poorly coordinated content, standards and processes. We can be your resource for BIM Management. Our BIM specialists can manage your standards, conduct staff training sessions and CAD/BIM standards reviews among a variety of other tasks.

BIM Vision Discovery

A successful BIM implementation needs a clearly defined set of attainable and measurable goals that are also reasonable in scope. Applied Software can work with all members of the organization, from upper management to design and production staff to identify short term and long-term goals, aligned with the overall business and design objectives of your firm. This will result in an Implementation Roadmap that will provide a pathway to realization of the goals.

Technology Management

As software improves and newer tools and methods are adopted, the technology requirements to take maximum advantage of what they offer changes. We can ensure that you are current by surveying your existing hardware and software, as well as your IT infrastructure to position you to successfully adapt to change.

Knowledge Assessment

Applied Software can conduct a thorough assessment of your staff’s proficiency and skillsets to determine hidden “knowledge gaps” within your organization. The results can help in determine a targeted approach to skills development, tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Standards Review

A thorough standards review can reveal opportunities for improved coordination, clearer documentation, more streamlined workflows and better collaboration with other design and construction team members, and can be performed as an isolated service or in conjunction with a larger BIM implementation effort as a part of the initial Discovery.

Standards Development

It’s important to not only have well-developed and consistent standards, but to keep them updated to take advantage of developments in technology, workflows and collaboration. We can help you develop your initial standards, and we can continue to assist you in maintaining them, ensuring that they remain relevant, applicable and effective as inevitable changes take place, whether they be influenced internally or externally.

Data Management

In today’s data-rich environment, it is easily to become overwhelmed with information overload. We can partner with you to find ways to organize and manage your data to simplify access, streamline searches and make ongoing maintenance less frustrating and error-prone.

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