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Advance the use of civil infrastructure solutions with a workflow analysis that will identify needed standards development and training. Allow Applied Software™ to help you align the right implementation services to meet your goals. We will show you how to improve the use of your existing tools and show you the benefits of a workflow that maximizes the use of your AEC Collection.



Applied Software offers a variety of different training opportunities that our clients may choose from. Our staff of trained professionals will enable you with the tools to truly build anything!

Workflow Analysis

“There’s half a dozen ways to do anything”. With modern software, there are many ways to model the same design. Are you and your team doing it in an optimal way? Allow Applied Software to analyze your workflow and increase your productivity.

Data Management

Controlling your data can be an ongoing hassle. From who has access to the data to what is the current version of the data, every company must deal with this in some way. With the help of Applied Software, you can wrangle your data into a more manageable process.

Standards Development

Having everyone starting drawings without a template is very time consuming as designers must spend the time to create the styles and they are never the same. With the help of Applied Software, you can standardize your drawings across your organization and allow you to produce consistent outputs with minimal effort.

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Utilize the products that will improve your workflows.