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Building Owners and Operators can benefit greatly from BIM technologies to promote facilities management and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of a facility. The possible benefits and technologies to realize those benefits are numerous.

Applied Software™ can help you navigate the choices and options available to you and assist you in determining attainable and measurable benefits of BIM technologies, and then assist you in developing the roadmap and infrastructure to realizing those benefits.

CAFM/IWMS Integration

Applied Software can assist in the selection/integration and configuration of your CAFM/IWMS system, including providing initial data-entry services, and linking your data to graphical building data.

Space Management

Space management can be difficult, time consuming and error-prone if you’re still doing it with paper plans and spreadsheets. With today’s BIM technologies, and the right tools, space management can be automated to a great extent, reducing errors and time spent.


At the time of commissioning, it is important to capture as much knowledge and data about the equipment and assets of a facility as possible to ensure a smooth transition from construction to occupancy, operation and management. Applied Software has vast experience with commissioning technologies and methods, and can assist you in making sure you begin the occupation of your facility with the most accurate and complete information possible.

Asset Management

Tracking fixed assets from commissioning to disposal is a critical part of any CAFM/IMWS system. Applied Software can assist in identifying and integrating the best Asset Management system into your existing CAFM/IMWS infrastructure.

Move Management

There are a variety of Move Management solutions available, as either stand-alone solutions or as a part of a larger CAFM/IWMS solution. Applied Software can assist you in determining which solution is best for your needs, from a software agnostic perspective, and in implementing and integrating the solution into your existing infrastructure.


A well-developed and thought out program is essential for the long term operations of any facility. Applied Software can assist with technologies to streamline the development of space plans, bubble diagrams and blocking and stacking tasks.

BIM Requirements

Prior to mandating a BIM deliverable, Owners should have a clearly defined set of BIM Requirements to ensure consistency and adherence to standards positioned to allow for the realization of the BIM benefits that have been targeted as goals.

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