Announcing 360 Sync Version 2.15.3

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Applied Software has announced that 360 Sync version 2.15.3 has been officially released to the web (RTW).

Easy to set up and run, 360 Sync, developed by Applied Software, allows you to automatically update and sync BIM 360 libraries on a computer or server. In addition, automatic emails notify you when the process is complete. The ability to migrate file libraries saves you time and eliminates the need to enter data twice.

360 Sync version 2.15.3 can be downloaded from the following link:

Issues that were addressed in this new version affect Docs and Glue –

BIM 360 Docs:

  • Large Revit files can now be synced from BIM 360 Docs.
  • When downloading linked models (.zip files) from BIM 360 Docs, the files no longer have an incorrect file extension of .rvt.

BIM 360 Glue:

BIM 360 Glue connectivity has been revamped as follows:

  • When syncing from Glue, subfolders are now included when “Sync Folder” is selected.
  • PDF and RVT files are now being synced with Glue.

Contact Applied Software today and sign up for a demo of 360 Sync. Find out how using 360 Sync can help you save time and manage your data better between your server and select point solutions. Demo and setup of 360 Sync are quick and painless. More good news: it will take 30 minutes or less to implement 360 Sync within your company.

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