Announcing 360 Sync Version 2.16

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Applied Software has announced that 360 Sync version has been officially released to the web (RTW).

Easy to set up and run, 360 Sync, developed by Applied Software, allows you to automatically update and sync BIM 360 libraries on a computer or server. In addition, automatic emails notify you when the process is complete. The ability to migrate file libraries saves you time and eliminates the need to enter data twice.

360 Sync version 2.16 can be downloaded from the following link:

An optional improvement has been made to the logic for Windows, BIM 360 and Procore. This logic change will allow 360 Sync to check to see if files were updated in one location compared to another location. If it has, files won’t save over if the destination location is more current than the source.

Release Notes – Issues Addressed

Enhanced upload / download logic

  • User has an option to select a different upload / download logic
  • New logic allows 360 Sync to check and compare time stamps of source and destination files –
    • If the source file changes, it will upload the file to the destination.
    • If destination file is newer than the source file, 360 Sync will skip the file.
    • If both files have changed, 360 Sync will skip the file.
    • If neither file changes, 360 Sync will skip the file.
  • The new logic is suggested for users that round-trip their information –

example: Windows Server → B360 → Windows Server

Follow these steps to turn on the new optional feature:

  1. Open your configuration in 360 Sync.
  2. Select the Advanced button (gear in the top right corner).
  3. Select “Push Latest Sync File.”
  4. Reference the image below:

Contact Applied Software today and sign up for a demo of 360 Sync. Find out how using 360 Sync can help you save time and manage your data better between your server and select point solutions. Demo and setup of 360 Sync are quick and straightforward: it will take 30 minutes or less to implement 360 Sync within your company.

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