ASTI BIM Connect Now Available for Revit 2018


A new version of Applied Software’s BIM Connect, our powerful data export/import utility,  is now available for download. BIM Connect allows you to export object properties and data from your Revit model to Microsoft Excel, edit the data in Excel, then import it back into Revit. It’s a powerful project management tool, as well as an architectural programming aid, and a must-have for anybody that needs to edit BIM data from a Revit model outside of the Revit environment! The new release will run in Revit 2016, 2017 and 2018, and includes several improvements:

  • Improved Interface
  • Enhanced Grid Editing capabilties
  • Unprotected Excel Spreadsheet, allowing for the use of more powerful Excel editing and data sorting features

A new optional add-on for BIM Connect, BIM Connect Pro allows you to schedule unattended, automated exports. Simply leave your computer in Lock Screen mode and let BIM Connect Pro do the rest! Come back later to review and edit the exported data in Excel.

And the best news? BIM Connect is free for all current customers with Applied Software listed as their reseller of record with Autodesk!

For more information, a video demonstration and to download the software, go to the BIM Connect Landing Page on our web site.

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