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System Requirements for Revit 2021

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Autodesk published its system requirements for Revit 2021 in April, 2020. Generative design and other critical features were added at that time. If you are still using an older version, see: Revit 2020 System Requirements Revit 2019 System Requirements Summary: System Requirements and Recommendations for Autodesk Revit 2021 Products Minimum …

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Fabrication: Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone

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It’s not about “me,” it’s about “we.” Michael LeFevre, retired architect and current leader of a design thinktank, believes designers, contractors, owners, trade contractors, technologists, and strategists all need to work together to bring about a shift in the construction industry toward a collaboration-focused business model. In his 2019 book, …

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Work From Home With Bluebeam Revu

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The StrXur article, How to Work from Home with Revu, brings up the topic of the day: working from home. Many people across the world plan are doing their job remotely for the foreseeable future.  We’re living in an unprecedented time, and we’re dealing with new and old projects without …

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Highly Effective Collaboration

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In the Bridging the Gap podcast Matt Dillon: Master Collaborator, Todd Weyandt and Matt discuss the importance of collaboration in the future of the AEC industry and how Autodesk BIM 360 can assist in generating a more collaborative environment. Matt is the Core Services Director at Applied Software and the …

The New Face of Plant Prefabrication

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In the Bluebeam/StrXur video titled Building Better, Faster with Plant Prefab, the art of prefabricated buildings gets a breath of new life. Steve Glenn, CEO of Plant Prefab, explains that modular construction cuts overall building time in half. Site work and construction happen concurrently. Under traditional site-based construction, site work …

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Infrastructure Projects Proceed in PA, FL, MN, VA, MD

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It’s widely accepted that transportation infrastructure — including streets, bridges and transit systems — must be maintained in order to move goods and critical workers at all times. Recently, Sean McGarvey, president of North America’s Building Trades Unions, reinforced the importance of infrastructure projects, saying, “Construction workers provide an invaluable …