Autodesk Docs: Thank you for your purchase…


April 12, 2021 | All, Autodesk

If you received an email recently from Autodesk thanking you for your purchase of Autodesk Docs – even though you don’t remember purchasing anything – hopefully I can clear up any confusion from the messaging.

The email you received probably looked like this:

In order to be clearer, it could have been written a little differently, as so:

“Thank you for being an Autodesk customer and having active subscription(s) of AEC Collections. As of Feb 9, 2021, Autodesk is automatically providing entitlements of Autodesk Docs to all customers who have AEC Collections.”

What is Autodesk Docs, you might ask.

Autodesk Docs is a cloud-based common data environment that provides document management and control to the entire project team. With Autodesk Docs, AEC teams can simplify collaboration and data management across design to construction and streamline document review and approval workflows.”

For more information, you can watch this two-minute video about Autodesk Docs.

To summarize, if you have one or more AEC Collections, which include programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, Fabrication CADmep, and Navisworks Manage, you NOW also have access to Autodesk Docs at no extra charge. The only thing you must do is activate it. 

Use the links in the email you received from Autodesk to activate Autodesk Docs. Note, you must be the Contract Manager for your Autodesk AEC Collection(s) in order to activate Docs. If you do not know if you’re the Contract Manager, contact your Applied Software Account Manager and they can tell you who the Contract Manager is for your company.

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