Autodesk Fusion 360-Inserting Custom Title Blocks


To Create a DWG file to Use as a Title Block

You can insert any DWG file as a title block, provided that it does not contain any unsupported objects. Use AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, or a different AutoCAD vertical product to create lines, text, images, attribute definitions, and other 2D geometry to generate your title block.

To Insert a DWG File as a Title Block

1. Under Sheet Settings, select Title Block > Insert Title Block.

2.Select the DWG file to insert as a title block.

The DWG inserts into the drawing sheet. For correct placement, make sure the WCS origin point (0,0) in the AutoCAD DWG file is the bottom right corner of your title block.

To Define Attributes in AutoCAD

When you create attribute definitions in the DWG file using AutoCAD, those attributes are “picked up” by the Fusion Drawings workspace, meaning if you double-click the title block, you can populate your own title block prompts in the text fields.

1. At the command line in AutoCAD, enter the ATTDEF command. The Attribute Definition dialog box displays.

2.Add a Tag. Tags identify the location of the text in the drawing and only display in AutoCAD.

3.Add a Prompt. Prompts are the text that display in the Title Block dialog box in Fusion Drawings.

4.Add Default text (optional). This is the text that shows up by default in the text field.

5.Place the Tag in the DWG.

Note: Lock position locks the attribute definitions in place so that they cannot be moved within the Fusion Drawings workspace. If you uncheck Lock position, you can move the attribute definitions within the Fusion Drawings workspace using grips.

Fusion 360-Getting Started

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