Autodesk Offers Cloud Based Workflow Software


July 24, 2017 | All, IT Services

Autodesk is beginning to promote a new free offering called Praxis. Praxis is similar to Microsoft Visio for workflow mapping with the exception that Praxis is currently being offered for free and it is also cloud based. It could be used as a great resource for project workflows and would allow many people to access it and link to additional information. I have embedded a workflow I created in just a few minutes below. You can try the software for yourself here.

Below are links to a few other sample workflows from the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Creating a Safety Walk Checklist

Instituting a Quality Control Check

Issue Tracking

Initiating and Addressing a Punchlist item

Creating an Equipment Set

Hyperlinking Drawings and Importing them into BIM 360 Field

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