Autodesk System Requirements & Graphics Cards


February 8, 2018 | All, Services & Support, Autodesk

There are many times when we get requests from users to review the specs of a computer they are considering to purchase to run their Autodesk software.  Simply, they want us to tell them if the system will run their software.  Well, legally, we can only review the Autodesk system requirements for your software and compare.  If it adheres to the Autodesk system requirements, then technically, it should work fine.  I’ve compiled a list of the most popular Autodesk software for a one-stop shop for all.

If you don’t see one on the list that you need please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, many people focus on the system specs but completely forget to verify that the graphics card they’re purchasing is one recommended by Autodesk. Use the Autodesk Certified Hardware site to see if the graphics card you’re thinking of purchasing meets Autodesk’s standards.  

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