BIM 360 Customer Story: Replacing Procore

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If your firm is using a combination of tools with Procore and missing BIM integration, BIM collaboration, and BIM coordination with 2D and 3D models, you may be looking for a complete, long-term answer for replacing Procore.

If the idea of a unified design, quality assurance/quality control, project management solution appeals to you, you’re not alone. Other customers have paved the way before you by partnering with Applied Software business services to transition to Autodesk Construction Cloud.

The transition usually involves a multi-step process:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Include decision makers and end users.
  3. List the reasons for switching.
  4. Identify your ultimate goal.
  5. Collaborate with a partner on a strategy and plan.
  6. Choose a partner with successful similar projects.
  7. Knowledgeable technical team is key.
  8. Set achievable targets for the implementation schedule.
  9. Undertake a trial project to refine desired workflows.
  10. Put the solution through its paces.
  11. Identify any features that need to be refined.
  12. Agree on the solution.
  13. Autodesk Construction Cloud
  14. 360 Sync
  15. Implement the final solution company-wide.
  16. Commit to successful implementation.
  17. Get buy-in from everyone involved.
  18. Include training for your staff.

In 2020, one customer with over 30 MEP business units, was looking to transition away from Procore, because the out-of-the-box product did not accommodate certain internal processes essential to company operations. The company also wanted to simplify data movement from different platforms and save users valuable time on transferring, organizing and archiving project files.

The dual-product solution this customer decided upon was implementing Autodesk BIM 360 Build (100 seats) plus 360 Sync by Applied Software. The customer was already a BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Design user (50 seats), so BIM 360 Build fit perfectly into their workflow.

The company solved its problem through partnering with Applied Software technical experts to replace Procore workflows with the power of BIM 360 Build. By means of creative thinking and a deep understanding of how the products work, Mark Petrucci, Applied Software Senior Construction Technology Integrator, proposed a unique workflow for the customer that provided the desired results, while allowing them to retain their critical internal processes.  

The Applied Software staff provided dedicated support to help ensure the customer could boldly put the proposed solution through its paces. Mark Petrucci worked closely with the customer to evaluate the solution – above and beyond the manufacturer’s standard support offering – while fine tuning it to fully satisfy the customer’s requirements. In the end, the customer was able to properly vet the solution and have confidence that implementation would not negatively impact ongoing projects.

To the customer’s delight, BIM 360 Build improved quality control, helped reduce rework, provided checklists for use on the jobsite, allowed trades to coordinate with the office, enabled tracking of field performance, allowed field staff to make decisions on-the-fly, and helped create and manage issues, RFIs and submittals.

360 Sync fulfilled the company’s goal to save valuable staff time on manipulating data sources.

Most customers have the talent inhouse to understand and implement the basics of a software solution. However, progress with that solution to fully address the company’s needs may be hindered without external help. As many companies have discovered, the indepth knowledge a partner can bring regarding a product’s capabilities and options for addressing unique company needs ends up being well worth the investment of time and money.

BIM 360 is one of the hottest software tools in the industry today. If you want to bypass the experiment, Applied Software has the expert help to implement BIM 360 and get you back to productive work quickly. To learn about partnering with Applied, contact us today and talk to a BIM 360 services expert.

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