BIM 360 Docs and Limiting Revit Sheets


July 17, 2018 | All, BIM 360

Revit “Publish Settings” Tool

A very nice feature of BIM 360 Docs is its ability to automatically extract sheets and vviews from a Revit model into individual PDFs with hyperlinks. Cool right? But wait, some customers don’t realize you can control which sheets and views to extract to PDF. How do you do this? Pretty easy with Revit’s “Publish Settings” tool located on the Collaborate tab.

Once you select Publish Settings, you will most likely see one default set named Set 1. Create a new set and name it, for example, BIM 360 2D & 3D. Select only the views you want BIM 360 to pull out of Revit to generate hyperlinked PDFs. Be sure to place a check in the Include column for the Set you want BIM 360 Docs to use. Upload your Revit model to BIM 360 Docs and watch BIM 360 Docs create or update only the sheets or views selected in Revit.

You have the option to create multiple sets like Rev 1 and Rev 2. However, make sure when up upload Rev 2, you don’t have Rev 1 selected. If you do, it will create another version of Rev 1 files in BIM 360 which, while not harmful, it may confuse team members.

If you’re not using BIM 360 Docs, click HERE to download a free trial.

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