BIM 360 Meetings, Part 1: Create an Agenda


May 22, 2020 | All, BIM 360

One of the cool new things in BIM 360 is the Meeting Minutes functionality. This is something our user base has been clamoring for. I’ve been asked about it for YEARS. In this two-part blog, you’ll learn how to set up and run Meeting Minutes on your projects moving forward. The first step we’ll tackle is creating a meeting agenda.

Make sure you’re added to Project Management

First things first, you’ll need to have BIM 360 Build active on your project. Then, you’ll need to set yourself up as an admin for Project Management. This will give you the ability to create and modify Meeting Minutes going forward.

Create a new Meeting

Navigate to (1) Project Management and then click on the (2) Meetings tab. In the main window (3), you’ll notice that you can see any meetings that are currently scheduled or upcoming. You can click on one of those to modify it or click the “Follow-up” button to create a follow-up meeting based off of the previous meeting’s minutes.

Alternatively, you can click (4) Create new meeting to set up a new agenda.

Agenda details

When the new agenda opens up, you can name your new meeting and set the time and date that it will take place (5). For the example, I named it “Weekly OAC Meeting” and scheduled it for Wednesdays at 11 am. From there, you can create new (6) Meeting Discussion Topics (those are usually basic discussion points). For my topics, I chose New Business, Safety, RFIs, Submittals, Issues/Quality, and Open Items as my discussion topics, because that was typically how we ran our OAC meetings at Walsh Construction. If you accidentally place something out of order, it’s no big deal. Just roll over the item or topic, and a “6-dots” icon will appear. Click and drag the item or topic to the location in the Agenda that it needs to appear. Simple!

After you add all of your topics, you can then build out your discussion items (7), or items you plan to discuss during the meeting. For example, under the RFIs section, I added three topics – Hot RFIs, Owner and Architect clarifications, Contractor clarifications – and all three of these topics will allow everyone to discuss the important RFIs and clarify or get clarification for their responses to the RFIs.

Agenda distribution

Once you’ve filled out everything on your agenda, you can choose who to invite (8) to the meeting (notice since you created the Meeting Minutes, you are the Organizer). Then when you’re done, you can choose to (9) mark this agenda as meeting minutes, export the agenda (10) or set a follow up meeting for a later date.

However, since I’m setting this agenda, I’d probably only want to export it or send it out to the invitees for reference. Also, there’s no need to save, because your BIM 360 saves automatically. This will help during creation or when you’re filling out your Minutes during the meeting later on.

What’s next?

Hopefully this helps you understand how to set up an agenda for a meeting inside of BIM 360. In our follow-up Applied Software blog post, “BIM 360 Meetings, part 2: Meeting Minutes,” we will discuss how to use this agenda to record Meeting Minutes during a live meeting.

For questions about conducting meetings in BIM 360 or about one of the BIM 360 products, contact Applied Software and talk to a BIM 360 expert. Applied can partner with you to make the best use of BIM 360 in your business.

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