BIM 360 Simplified

BIM 360 Simplified


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Some of the best practices for building information modeling (BIM) coordination include communication, keeping team members in the loop, setting priorities for needs and requirements, validating constructability, and clash reviews of the BIM model using Autodesk Navisworks. One of the best practices is to divide the BIM model by levels so the model can easily be viewed and compared to a floor plan PDF. This can be a tedious process when done manually. If you’re trying to squeeze every available minute out of your workday, you could benefit by checking out LevelUp, by Applied Software. LevelUp allows users to quickly and easily divide an Autodesk Revit model into level views. This process sets up the model so it can be prepared for BIM and layout coordination. Watch this quick demo of how LevelUp saves users time separating a Revit model floor by floor.

Color-coded functionality makes using LevelUp way easier than you might think.


STEP 1, RED: With the red feature, easily create views in the Revit model. The bottom and top elevations for extracting views are selected first. The type of view is specified – floor plans, reflected ceiling plans or 3D views. Then LevelUp takes over and slices the model into easily-viewed sections.

Views can be created in Revit for later use in Navisworks or Autodesk BIM 360. Names of the views can even be customized to your firm’s requirements.

image 1

STEP 2, BLUE: With the blue feature, choose views of your model that you want to upload to BIM 360 Coordinate (formerly Glue). You can select any view to upload – 2D plan view, 2D reflected ceiling view or 3D view. You can also decide if you want to create a merged model of all your uploaded models. The end result is that compact, usable models are ready for coordination.

Multiple files can be uploaded to BIM 360. Merged models can be created to view in BIM 360 Coordinate, BIM 360 Layout, on the iPad, or on the Coordinate/Glue desktop app.

image 2

STEP 3, GREEN: Even if you don’t use BIM 360, you can still export Revit files to Navisworks. You can select multiple 2D and 3D views to export from Revit to Navisworks. This will allow you to quickly export your files from floor to floor. No need to decide on the scope of the model data; LevelUp takes care of that for you.

Multiple views can be exported from Revit to Navisworks.

Bottom line, LevelUp will help you create and export 3D views to speed up the BIM setup process for BIM 360 Coordinate, BIM 360 Layout and Navisworks.

If it’s time to reclaim some of the time you’ve been spending on preparing your firm’s BIM models for layout coordination, then it may be time to check out LevelUp. Contact Applied Software for a quick discovery call with a BIM process industry expert to learn how LevelUp will help you automate manual tasks with your BIM models and squeeze more time out of your day.

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