person's arm hand holding scale model of office module containing tables and chairs surrounded by virtual CAD plan drawings

December 29, 2022

Design and Make: The Importance of Construction Collaboration in Antarctica

When the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) decided in 2017 to update its research facilities in Antarctica, the companies chosen to complete the work decided to collaborate on the project using ...

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white light with amber halo illuminating rows of ones and zeros black background

December 28, 2022

Creating an Autodesk Product Deployment from Within Autodesk Account

When Autodesk introduced its new installation process, it also included a “new” way to create deployments; it is done from within the Autodesk Account. With this new method, we can ...

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large concrete dam in canyon of red sandstone formations river in foreground at base of dam

December 27, 2022

Reality Capture and 3D Modeling to Assess, Manage Aging Infrastructure

Lake Powell, held behind Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizona, has been in the news frequently in 2022 because of the effects of a 22-year drought on the dwindling supply ...

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December 22, 2022

How to Look Smarter by Leveraging Your Data

The term “data intelligence” includes the analytical means and methods companies use to collect information they need to improve their business. Data intelligence helps companies answer questions and develop insights ...

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solar panels foreground cityscape background sky clouds

December 21, 2022

Sustainability: 4 Energy-Saving Earth-Sheltered Houses

As explained in a Crux Home article, an earth sheltered house is a unique dwelling with a building envelope covered or partially covered by the ground. Using the earth’s mass ...

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hands typing on keyboard office blur background stylized padlocks connected by white lines foreground

December 20, 2022

Tips You Need to Know about Autodesk Licensing

Whether you need help with software installation, usage or diagnosing and solving your technical problems, the Applied Software, Graitec Group support team is ready with telephone and desktop product support ...

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city scape bathed in aqua light with computer icons distributed in the air in the foreground

December 15, 2022

Recent Washington, DC Commercial Project Incorporated Mass Timber

In a nod to sustainability, a recent three-story vertical addition to the commercial office structure at 80 M Street SE in Washington, DC used mass timber in its construction. According ...

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hand holding cloud with points of light flowing through black background

December 13, 2022

Top 5 Features To Know About Bluebeam

In a recent webinar, “Top 5 Bluebeam Features You Need To Know About,” Bluebeam Certified Instructor Rick Kremer talked through the top five Bluebeam features users need to be using ...

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stylized aqua cloud framing hand pointing at vault dial blue suited person background

December 12, 2022

Vault for Manufacturing – Creating Categories and Rules

Autodesk Vault is product data management software that integrates with Autodesk design tools and other CAD systems. It organizes data creation and documentation to keep everyone working from a central ...

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crane lifting modular construction pod into place on second story of partially built concrete building

December 7, 2022

MEP’s Role in the Move Toward Industrialized Construction

Adoption of industrialized construction (IC) is increasing in the construction industry. That can partly be attributed to demand and the pressure it is exerting on companies to perform faster. So, ...

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person in white hardhat overlooking a lighted refinery at dusk

December 6, 2022

Updated Settings for Foxe xml.

As many of you are aware, our recommendation for xml viewers is Foxe xml ( It’s a stable high performance xml editor with some nice features. The main reason to ...

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hand holding shining lightbulb in yellow expanded by white points of light

December 1, 2022

5 Ways to Quickly Iterate Revit Design Ideas with Twinmotion

In September 2022, PRNewswire announced a strategic collaboration between Autodesk and Twinmotion, an Epic Games product. The integration promotes better-connected workflows for architectural design connecting the physical and digital worlds. With ...

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