Bluebeam Studio Projects Virtual Series: Introduction Recap

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Brian Patty knows Bluebeam Studio. His company, Vertical Arts (VA+), has been using the software tool for about six years. Patty describes Bluebeam Studio Projects as “the most advantageous environment for staying organized with other offices” – local, national and international.

Before using Studio Projects, Patty related that VA+ used email and sometimes Bluebeam Studio Sessions to convey information. But the resulting multiple folders with multiple versions of information didn’t work as efficiently as the VA+ staff needed. Trying to find the most up-to-date and correct information was sometimes difficult.

By using Studio Projects, users have access to a revision history. They can double-check information and see who has revised project documents, including a visual representation of the changes that were made.

Bluebeam Studio Projects is a data storage with cloud-based access. It can contain file structures, and the allowed file types are not restricted. In addition, access can be granted to many users. With Studio Projects you can choose to control what other users see, how much they see and what they are permitted to do with that information. Whereas Studio Sessions are limited to PDFs, Studio Projects are not.

Learn more about Bluebeam Studio Projects by participating in the virtual event series, every other Wednesday at 2:30 pm ET.

Because documents need to be checked in and out, you have a revision history. The history shows who has worked on documents and what they did. The result is a globally-accessible and organized set of redlines.

After starting a Bluebeam Studio Project, you set up folders, people and permissions. Invitations are sent to people after you set up groups. Settings in a Studio Project begin very restrictive – everyone has access to read only. You can loosen those restrictions on a case by case basis, including permissions.

Keeping everyone on the project organized is the preeminent feature of Bluebeam Studio Projects.

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