Borrowing a Network License


March 12, 2014 | All, IT Services, Manufacturing

I’ve recently had a client need instructions on how one of his users, who was working remotely, could use VPN to access a network license, and then borrow that license so that he could work while being disconnected.  This proves to be the perfect scenario for what this feature was made for.  I decided these instructions would be beneficial to be in my blog.

The instructions for obtaining a borrowed license are below.

In this example, we need to first establish contact with the license server through our VPN connection.  In order to ensure we can acquire a license, we need to add a system variable.

Access the System Properties dialog box.  This can be done by typing “System” in the search bar.

In the Advanced tab, and click Environment Variables

Under the System variables section, Click the “New…” button

Variable name: ADSK_LICENSE_FILE

Variable value:

Launch the Autodesk product from which you need to borrow a license. (In this example, I am using Inventor)

Click on the drop down arrow next to the Help button

Select “About (your product)

In the About dialog box, select Product Information. (Note: dialog boxes do vary slightly, so the button you click on may be different)

In the Product License Information dialog box, click on Borrow License…

Select the date that you want to return the license (up to 180 days from current date) in the Borrow a License dialog box.

Click Borrow License

You will then receive the License Borrowed dialog box

You can now work un-tethered. Enjoy!