Building Assemblies to Simplify P&ID Design


Business Outcome

During PID creation, repetitive tasks can drain project hours and budget. This can be circumvented by pre-building assemblies, skids and package units. This not only saves time and money but creates consistent designs and drawings.


(5 * 2 * 5 * 50)/60 = Time

41.6 * 150 = $ Savings


  • 5 assemblies
  • 5 minutes to draw an assembly
  • 2 details per drawing
  • 50 drawings
  • Engineering Charge Rate – $150


The following technologies are utilized in the solution:

  • Plant 3D
  • Auxalia Plant Express Tools


Auxalia Plant Express Tools are installed on the user’s machine. They use the Assembly function on Control Valve loops to create them as assemblies, so they could be used in different locations and drawings.


  • Install and activate Auxalia Plant Express Tools.
  • Configure Control Valve loop using the Plant 3D PID objects.
  • Save Control Valve loop as Assembly and add to Tool Palette.
  • Place Control Valve loop as needed in other locations.

Final Output

Using the Auxalia Plant Express Tools Assemblies function can save project hours and budget by pre-building assemblies for placement in other locations and drawings, saving an estimated 42 hours per project.

If you’re interested in saving time with your plant design processes, contact Applied Software today and talk to an industry expert.

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