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Calling Plant Team Members!

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We are looking for two new people to join our Plant team!

Personally, I am so excited to be able to look for people interested in working with Plant 3D and other Autodesk design products.

First of all, I’d like to take a minute to frame the direction we are heading. Industrial piping design as a rule tends to lag innovation in the general marketplace. In addition, due to deliverables being governed by schematics (P&IDs), models, and fabrications drawings (piping isometrics), pipe design products require different workflows from typical model-driven design. Lastly, because Autodesk added Plant 3D as a One AutoCAD toolset, the price of piping design has dropped significantly.

All of these facts lead to some fantastic opportunities.

First, as a team we will be research and developing new ways to solve problems integrating various products from fabrication databases to review sessions and comments. We’ll document them, blog about them, make videos and blitz the internet about the new solutions we find or make.

Second (and the part I really am passionate about), we’re going to make some awesome piping apps. I don’t know what they will all look like yet, but I do know we are going to solve problems that designers struggle with in their day in/day out work.

If these types of problems catch your attention, please contact us. Also, feel free to pass along names of anyone you think would be a good fit. Thanks!


  1. Dave, all of this sounds awesome. I might be of some interest as I have been doing some of the very same things. If you like, we can discuss this.?

  2. Dave,
    I eat, breathe, and dream plant 3D and I’ve been working with Plant 3D since 2013. Currently I’m a Sr. Piping Designer with 15 yrs experiences in the industry completing the task of design, field specialist, and a construction coordinator. Lately I’ve started to write scripts with c++ and manipulate xml files to represent a good looking isometric. At your earliest convenience send me an email if you think my skills can help your team.

    Where is the job located?

    1. Author

      Mark, most of us work remotely and travel to client sites as needed. Please email your resume to, and we can get the process started.

  3. Hi Dave,

    I have been a user of Plant 3D from day one as they would say. I was part of the Project X Team that Autodesk put together back in 2011.

    Was an AutoPLANT user from 1996ish until the switch to Plant 3D in about 2012 at my past employer of 33 years.

    At the current company I am at now we use Fabrication CADMEP, REVIT, and Plant 3d. The drive here is more on REVIT and Fabrication CADMEP.

    It be great if there is an APP to use Plant 3D within REVIT.

    If your looking for someone that knows how to use and break Plant 3D I am your guy.

    work email:
    personal email:

    1. Author

      Hi Tom, I’m pretty sure we’ve bumped into each other on the forums. Can you send your resume and other relevant information to Thanks for following up!

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