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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Collaboration

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col·lab·o·ra·tion/kə,labə’rāSH(ə)nNoun: the action of working with someone to produce or create something.”She wrote a book on holiday recipes in collaboration with her aunt Betty.”Synonyms: alliance, association, combination, cooperation, partnership. Collaboration empowers teams, individuals, clients and partners to share, communicate and cooperate with minimal delays and challenges, allowing all stakeholders to perform …

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9 Ways eVolve is Driving Your Mechanical Firm’s Technology Forward

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As a group, mechanical contractors have been willing to embrace the evolution of construction technology from paper-based coordination to 2D model collaboration and finally to the present 3D-model driven office, shop and field production. The mechanical construction segment really has driven technologies forward. The eVolve development team has spent a …

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MEP Force Recap

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“95% of MEP Force attendees would recommend MEP Force to a colleague.” MEP Force kicked off last month with a bang. If you haven’t already heard, MEP Force is an exclusive conference for an elite force of MEP heroes to unite and learn from other industry experts. For those looking …