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tube in shades of gray with spiral shaped openings with white core

February 28, 2023

Change Your Work Life in a Day: PowerPack for Plant 3D

How would it improve your work life if you could complete your Plant 3D projects in less time and with more accuracy? Efficient workflows and automation to do that are ...

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two men dressed in blue with hardhats and glasses looking at part of a petroleum refinery background silver pipes and compressors blue sky

February 23, 2023

How Plant 3D Streamlines Piping Design

Designing in 3D can differentiate your company from your competitors. From the very beginning of a project, using 3D models in the piping design process helps companies identify conflicts, adapt ...

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October 24, 2022

Planning Long-Term Rehab of Water Utility Infrastructure Using Innovyze

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) provides water, sewer and drainage services for about 1.3 million people in King County, Washington. According to SPU, the median age of the utility’s infrastructure to ...

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looking through a water pipe sun shining in copper colored

August 11, 2022

Nothing Wishy-Washy About Innovyze for Water Infrastructure

In April 2021, Autodesk purchased Innovyze, Inc. for $1-billion. From modeling water systems to analyzing drainage networks, the Innovyze company already had over 35 years of innovation experience when its ...

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bird's eye view of a process plant

August 5, 2022

Top Plant Autodesk University 2022 Sessions

The first in-person Autodesk University in a while, along with some of my favorite cuisine anywhere (Cajun!), is coming up soon in September! Over the last couple years we have ...

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overhead view of a factory floor bluetones

June 29, 2022

9 Software Tools for Your Digital Factory

When it comes to commissioning a factory, the details are critical. If done poorly, they could lead to setbacks; if done well they can lead to success. If you’re not ...

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bird's eye view of a process plant

June 28, 2022

System Requirements for Plant 3D 2023

Operating System 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 10. See Autodesk’s Product Support Lifecycle for support information. Processor Basic: 3 GHz Recommended: 4+ GHz CPU Basic: Intel 10th Generation CPUs, and Recommended: 11th Gen+ Memory ...

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June 22, 2022

Tips for Using Vault in Digital Prototyping

Autodesk Vault is designed to help with your team-based manufacturing design process by easing your pain around the digital prototyping process, including: Helping your team find past revisions of digital ...

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Aerial view of process plant piping

May 18, 2022

Plant Innovation: Project Template Environment Selection

When creating a project template, usually the first decision you need to make is “Where will my project live?” Applied Software has developed a workflow that will help you choose ...

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Aerial view of process plant piping

May 10, 2022

Project Templates – An Introduction

Taking the time to set up a project template can seem like a waste of time to some people. But if you consider how much time is lost, how many ...

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Aerial view of process plant piping

April 21, 2022

Migrating Python Scripts to Plant 3D 2022+

As covered in a previous post about migrating to 2022, AutoCAD Plant 3D has new behavior with how it handles shared content. In addition to loading the larger files like ...

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Aerial view of process plant piping

April 5, 2022

Valves in the Plant 3D Spec Editor

Business Outcome There’s no way around it, creating Pipe Specs in Plant 3D is tedious and time consuming. Creating a Valve Catalog is no exception. If anything, it adds extra ...

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