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How Manufacturing is Evolving

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When it comes to manufacturing technology, we’ve already run the gamut from the Flintstones of the stone age to the Jetsons of the space age. Sci-fi inventions that seemed quirky in the Jetsons shows of the 1960s are now reality: robot maids, push-button appliances, holograms, digital diaries, work computers with …

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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Collaboration

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col·lab·o·ra·tion/kə,labə’rāSH(ə)nNoun: the action of working with someone to produce or create something.”She wrote a book on holiday recipes in collaboration with her aunt Betty.”Synonyms: alliance, association, combination, cooperation, partnership. Collaboration empowers teams, individuals, clients and partners to share, communicate and cooperate with minimal delays and challenges, allowing all stakeholders to perform …

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Plant 3D Collaboration Cache Location

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Plant 3D Collaboration Exploration

You may want to change where Plant 3D stores the download project when using BIM 360 Team to collaborate. To control where Plant 3D caches your BIM 360 Team collaboration project, go to Collaborate > Plant Collaboration and click Options. The Check Specify working folder (1), click the Browse button …

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Calling Plant Team Members!

In All, Manufacturing by David Wolfe6 Comments

We are looking for two new people to join our Plant team! Personally, I am so excited to be able to look for people interested in working with Plant 3D and other Autodesk design products. First of all, I’d like to take a minute to frame the direction we …

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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Inventor

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Have you heard of Autodesk Inventor? Not the guy who invented AutoCAD, but the incredible software program that will set you on your ear with its amazing product creation features. Inventor 3D CAD software is used for product design, rendering, and simulation. Using Inventor, you get professional-grade mechanical design solutions. …

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Implementing Pipe Supports for Plant 3D

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This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Steel Supports for Plant 3D

Implementing pipe supports and support details can help add value to your model, and provide more precise material lists to project managers and purchasing departments.  The process for implementing pipe supports is as follows: Gather pipe support detail sheets Match supports to available shapes Identify required properties Build a pipe …

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The State of CAD & Pipe Fabrication

In Fabrication, Manufacturing by David Wolfe1 Comment

We’d like to give you the opportunity to win a $50 Amazon gift card. In return, we would appreciate your input on an 8-question survey to quantify the major issues pipe fabricators face when sharing data with engineering companies and end clients. Nationally the United States is seeing shortages in …