The New Face of Plant Prefabrication

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In the Bluebeam/StrXur video titled Building Better, Faster with Plant Prefab, the art of prefabricated buildings gets a breath of new life. Steve Glenn, CEO of Plant Prefab, explains that modular construction cuts overall building time in half. Site work and construction happen concurrently. Under traditional site-based construction, site work …

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Get A Boost for Plant 3D

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Do you sometimes feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders – or at least the weight of your process plant facility? In some scenarios the tolerances for errors are so small, and sometimes life and safety are at risk. It would help relieve some of the burden …

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The Ultimate Guide on Collaborating with BIM 360 and Plant 3D

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First, I love superlatives, so that title is fun. However, we have reviewed a lot of articles and workflows on using Plant 3d with BIM 360 and have not seen anything as comprehensive as needed to really implement BIM 360 and Plant 3d together. As a side note, this documentation …