Cloud Mirroring for Continuity and Resiliency

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Jason Schmidt

We’ve known for some time that the move to the cloud was imminent, and organizations of all sizes were beginning to take advantage of the cloud. With events of 2020, we’ve found a mass move toward utilization of the cloud from workloads to storage and virtualization of applications and computing. As this large shift continues and utilization of the cloud continues, it is imperative for organizations to plan and implement systems that provide greater business continuity and resiliency.

With a multi-cloud approach – the use of and distribution across multiple cloud computing and storage services in a single environment – an organization can build systems that withstand almost any disruption imaginable. It is important that proper planning is done and that challenges are addressed. The most notable of these challenges are:

  • Visibility
  • Governance and compliance
  • Staff experience or lack of
  • Security
  • Cost

Can you build a resilient data storage system that gives your organization a single global file system and takes advantage of multi-cloud?

With Panzura, the “Fastest Global Cloud File System on the Planet,” you can. With the Panzura 8th Generation Freedom Filer, an industry first, you have the ability to write data to two object stores at the same time, providing an exact duplicate of your dataset. This effectively doubles the “availability” service-level agreement (SLA) of any single provider, providing uninterrupted service in the case of a cloud storage service outage. What does this mean for an organization? 

It means Panzura provides automatic failover to a redundant cloud storage provider in a failure event at the primary provider. There is no disruption to the front-end file services for users or other systems, and when the primary cloud object store service returns to normal, Panzura will automatically sync both cloud object stores to a consistent state. And the best part?  No human intervention. That’s right: set it and forget it.

While there are solutions today that provide replication eventually, the cloud mirroring functionality of Panzura is unique in that it delivers immediate consistency as data is being committed to two object stores at the time of write.

To find out more and discuss how the Panzura 8th generation Freedom Filer can transform your organization’s work in the cloud, reach out to the experts of the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team and start a conversation with a Panzura expert.

Panzura already delivers

  • Real-time collaboration
  • A single Global File System that provides the best user experience in any industry.
  • Global File Locking that works across the entire file system
  • Global namespace
  • Protection against Ransomware & other security threats
  • Cost saving Data Consolidation
  • Built in Backup & DR snapshots across entire file system
  • Intelligent caching at the edge
  • Global Deduplication
  • Military-grade Encryption
  • Enterprise File Sync & Share
  • Search and Analytics with visibility to all your data
  • AND NOW Cloud Mirroring

With he addition of the the industry first Cloud Mirroring, Panzura provides peace of mind and an additional layer of cloud data protection.

It is true that catastrophic failures are few, but recent outages have impacted businesses and have shown that the impact to our organizations is realm when an event does occur. Your data has value and data availability, and durability are critical to your success. There are various techniques that are offered for data recovery yet still have limitations.  With Panzura Freedom Filer cloud mirroring, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is secure and highly available.

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