Collaboration on the Garden in the Sky

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If you’ve been thinking of living at an address like no other, check out an option in the Bluebeam StrXur article, “Ballymore Uses Digital Solutions on Wardian London.” The article details the development of the Wardian Towers in London, two 50- and 55-story apartment buildings at Canary Wharf. Each floor is designed to have 40 balconies, and the development will boast a total of 764 apartments. Because of its implementation of Bluebeam Revu, Ballymore reported it was able to both decrease snagging time by 20% and save “at least one day per week during installation.”

The Wardian London website describes the company’s vision as to “create a new address like no other, a haven of peace and beauty in the heart of London.” The design of the Wardian Towers in London was inspired by “the work of one Londoner, the great explorer, botanist, and inventor, Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward,” who changed the world with the invention of the botanical glass case known as the ‘Wardian Case.’  The Ballymore website mentions that the company is “one of London and Dublin’s most innovative and dynamic property developers.” It is a “developer with vast and varied experience, acknowledged as pioneers of some of Europe’s largest regeneration projects.”

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In order to achieve its monumental goal, Ballymore needed to stay on top of its schedule, collaborate for efficiency and become familiar with each and every detail of the project. Mark Burnett, Ballymore Senior Packages Manager for Wardian London, explained that pairing up with Bluebeam Revu allowed the company to divide each part of the building project into individual pieces. “You can check progress, take photos of things that are not built correctly, and record when elements are put in,” he said. “So if it’s not done to the right program, then you can look at it and say, ‘Okay, we’re two days behind. Let’s think about how we can recover it.’”

Due to the level of detail that Revu offered, finding issues and lags was easy. The article reminds that another process near the completion of the project, snagging, used to take “a day and a half.” With Revu, which allows workers to “simply point, click, take a picture,” snagging can take a mere 60 minutes instead. In addition, Revu offers Ballymore a reliable and updated account of drawings and documents, which makes everything more efficient. Terry Arnold, the Wardian Project Director, adds that efficiency makes people happier. “We’ll definitely be using Revu on the next project,” he said. “And we’re looking to roll it out across the whole of Ballymore.”

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