Computers for Cambodia: Community Service Project


November 25, 2020 | All

In the current economy of Cambodia, people who are proficient in the English language are more likely to get work and will earn more money than a person who is not.

In early 2020, a group of ten people from Southern Colorado traveled to Cambodia on a humanitarian mission. Since they would be visiting an orphanage and church in Phnom Penh, as well as several churches in the outlying agricultural provinces, they inquired of their host, Pastor Pilot Nhap, about what items they might take along that would be useful. Computers to teach English were on his wish list, because even used computers are beyond his ability to purchase on his nonprofit’s budget.

Cambodians are in the process of steadily rebuilding the middle class of their country. Teaching the children at the orphanage and church congregants English elevates their ability to eventually get jobs.

The Colorado group enlisted the partnership of Applied Software in providing those used computers. Both the Atlanta and Denver metro offices participated in the donations, allocating training machines that had just been replaced with upgraded models.

When he received the computers, Nhap thanked Applied Software and said, “We are so blessed to have these computers to educate our kids at the children’s home and at the church. We will make good use of them.”

Applied Software encourages employees to get involved in community projects and supports their efforts worldwide. One of the company’s core values is to be supportive and ethically help others succeed.