1. Just a quick question. What do i have to do to get my cadmep to put the correct grooved connector on the pipe?

    1. Unfortunately, this setting affects only the features within Revit. In CADmep the software will find the first connector it thinks qualifies taking into account the Male/Female and the Connectivity Group. Because CADmep will likely choose the same connector consistently, you could however write a script to change the connectors to whatever connector you want after the fact. It might look something like this…

      select item.cid
      case 2041

      if item.connector[1].value = “Beveled End” and
      item.connector[2].value = “Vic Grooved Male” then

      item.connector[2].value = “Grooved”

      end if

      if item.connector[1].value = “Vic Grooved Male” and
      item.connector[2].value = “Beveled End” then

      item.connector[1].value = “Grooved”

      end if

      end select

      Hope you find this helpful.

  2. I am having a problem unlocking the pipe connectors, and keeping them set to bevel.

    After I unlock the pipe connectors they change to none, and when I change them back to Bevel they relock.

    Does anyone know what is causing this?


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