Solutions for the Entire Construction Workflow

No matter the phase of the construction project, your workflow should seamlessly provide connectivity from field operations to back office operations. Our proven industry professionals come along side you to help strategically improve your workflows, address pain points, and mentor you to practically apply the proper technology solution!

Construction Workflows

Improve the process of construction by supporting informed decision-making throughout the entirety of your project. From Model and Design workflows, Integration, Project Management, as well as Facilities Management, Applied Software is prepared to support you throughout your project lifecycle.

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Start every job with the whole team not just on the same page, but the right page. Publish, view, and markup for design review.



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Ensure your information is flowing and working properly throughout these custom-built tools for the construction industry.



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Project Management

The problems that cost the most are the ones that you miss. Standardize workflows to gain visibility  and resolve those issues.



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Facilities Management

The information is there. You just need to leverage it properly to get the most out of the commissioning to handover process.