Commissioning to Handover

Commissioning to handover is a long and often complicated process with rounds of changing hands and shifting responsibilities. We can help provide the necessary information to the appropriate team, including handover to the owner at the end of the project.

By using properly inputted information during the install process and tracking through completion, we are able to make sure this is a smooth process. So, even if an air handling unit needs to be replaced in a building after construction is completed, it can be done easily and efficiently by leveraging the collected information from the project.  This becomes a time and energy saver for the team and/or owner tasked with keeping the building running long after construction has ended.

Information for Better Performing Buildings 

The information is there. You just need to leverage it properly to get the most out of the commissioning to handover process. See below for just a couple of the many services that we can offer you at Applied Software™.

As Built Conditions

Capture As-Built data using on-site laser scanners. Modify and design your renovation projects with confidence knowing that actual field conditions are accurate.

KPI & Milestone Consulting

Find and determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) prior to construction that lead to your company's success. Measure and track your KPIs to establish a baseline and improve.

Database Migrations

Determine important data points that need to be extracted and establish a plan for making your data migration from design, to construction, to owner smooth.

Owner Deliverables

Determine the owner's needs and expectations for deliverables. Determine the appropriate parties required to fulfill them.

Services We Offer: